Do you require Safeguarding Training?

Would you be able to recognise the red flags or identify signs of neglect or child abuse?

How would you react if you thought someone was in need of support?

Do you know where to report your concerns or how to intervene?

Safeguarding Associates for Excellence completely understand the issues and stigma related to Safeguarding. It can be very difficult to know how and when to safely intervene. Therefore SAFE has created a wide range of Safeguarding Training Courses. Firstly, these courses give you the confidence to make a difference. Secondly, potentially save lives.

Our Safeguarding courses can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit your requirements.

All of our Safeguarding courses are delivered by our very own experienced and qualified team.

Empowering Safeguarding through Training and Support.



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We will give you the Safeguarding knowledge and expertise required.


Our Safeguarding Courses will provide you with the skills sets to Recognise, Respond, Record and Review matters of a Safeguarding nature.

We offer a wide range of Safeguarding Training that gives you the power to make a difference and potentially save lives.

Training courses can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit your requirements.

All our Safeguarding Courses are delivered by our very own team.

  • Delivered by Safeguarding specialists.
  • Up to date legislation and procedures.
  • All Aspects of Children, Young Persons and
    Adults at Risk Safeguarding Course.
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Safeguarding Courses.
  • All courses award a completion certificate.

Safeguarding Courses & Consultancy across a variety of professions…

All associates come from a proven background in training delivery. More importantly, all have worked for many years in an operational capacity in their respective fields.

We appreciate the absolute necessity to adopt a multi-agency approach. Whilst also recognise the importance of designing and delivering material bespoke to organisational Safeguarding needs.

Choose a course that suits you!

Empowering Safeguarding through Training & Support