“Holly is an experienced Designated Safeguarding Lead with twenty years of teaching experience in UK schools and most recently working as a DSL, Head of Pastoral Care and Head of boarding for an independent school.”

“Karen has over 40 years experience working within the NHS and has an extensive practitioners background in order to share her skills and knowledge in safeguarding children including audit and policy reviews.”

”Jackie is a highly qualified Social Worker and named Designated Lead for Adult Services within the healthcare domain. Jackie has extensive knowledge in delivering training for MCA, Adult Safeguarding, Domestic Abuse & Domestic Homicide.”

”Catherine is a qualified Social Worker and NSPCC accredited child protection trainer offering a wide range of training & consultancy. Catherine is driven by the desire to ensure the voice of the child is pivotal to all of her work.”

“James is currently an Associate Trainer for the NSPCC, Barabarani and the Academy for Health Coaching as well as providing private training both in Safeguarding and Motivational Interviewing.”