The news item outlines, figures show an increase of 50% in reports of child abuse images online.

These are only the ones we know about! I worked in law enforcement in this area for several years,I can tell you I still ‘see’ some stuff that would be beyond your imagination. I left the police seven years ago so that gives you an idea of how horrendous these images are.

When we talk of images the vast majority are not still, they are media clips which go on, often for a long time. It was the sound that got me. Every ‘image’ contains child abuse and is a crime scene. The purpose of this post is to outline the brilliant work those in law enforcement continue to do in this area, their dedication is a credit to humankind. I

‘m also very concerned that with the well-publicised cuts and other priorities, this area of policing is less recognised and therefore under-resourced. The battles I used to have to secure and retain staff have become even more difficult. What greater priority should there be in protecting children from horrific abuse? So please be aware of this and whenever you have the chance canvass your PCC and MP’s, in fact, anyone who will listen.

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