October marks National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, a month-long observation to educate and raise awareness of the effects of bullying and cyberbullying (Online bullying). 

The consequences of bullying are known, but not limited to; lower self-esteem, depression, isolation, and physical and emotional scars. These behaviours cause physical and emotional pain and distress.Bullying can happen to people of any age and in any situation. 

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the change in the location of bullying from schools, playgrounds, and workplaces to online bullying, using digital platforms and technologies to scare, harass and shame those who are targeted.  

Due to the ever-increasing variety of platforms, bullying can take place on social media, messaging and gaming programs as well as accessing mobile phones.  Bullying can present itself in any form, such as posting embarrassing photos of someone, sending hurtful and abusive or threatening messages, impersonating someone, creating fake accounts and spreading lies.   

Now more than ever we need to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to address and prevent bullying, lets spead the word this National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month!.

‘Online Safety Training’

We at SAFE provide an Online Safeguarding Course aimed at professionals and education establishments, parents and guardians to increase knowledge of current technology platforms, review current trends and research to understand in more depth a variety of safeguarding issues involving the use of technology. We will provide an understanding of Ofsted expectations (Online Safeguarding) during inspections, develop a fuller understanding of KCSE and RSE as they relate to the subject in schools and education settings. You will gain an understanding of professional and personal integrity in the online space and how to protect yourself and your establishment, know how to respond effectively when a child reports abuse along with many valuable pointers and strategies. 

This week SAFE are working with expert Online Safety & Social media Awareness Consultant Jonathan Taylor to deliver training to a local education trust. Jon, who works with Schools nationally and internationally delivers leading Online Safety Workshops for staff, students and parents, specialising in child safeguarding. With his unique experience, accompanied by his advanced knowledge and qualifications in addition to spending 10 years as an undercover Police Officer, identifying Online Predators, allows Jonathan to offer and deliver the most exclusive, progressive, and current Online Safety workshops.  

To request further information or discuss bespoke Online Training for your establishment, please do contact us HERE or click on the below link.