Are you confident your organisation has the correct Safeguarding policies, procedures and structures in place?

Safeguarding Associates for Excellence are proud to offer a safeguarding consultancy service, which is available for a variety of agencies and organisations.

We will ensure that our Safeguarding consultancy service is bespoke to your requirements. We have substantial experience of offering a wide selection of support to both the public, private and third sector. This support includes working together with you to review your Safeguarding approach, and checking to ensure that you are meeting current national best practice and legal requirements. We can also review your current Safeguarding policy documents and where necessary re write them. We are also competent at undertaking audit and inspection processes to provide the assurance that you need in terms of your safeguarding practice.

This service can make the Safeguarding minefield far more manageable.

We have previously worked with Schools, Universities, Housing Providers, Charities and the Care and Support Sector in these areas of safeguarding practice.

We’re sure you’ve seen the safeguarding documents and how daunting it can be. Let us take care of it for you.

Safeguarding Associates for Excellence can offer a range of bespoke investigative support services to your organisation.

We have a number of skilled and trained associates who can provide assistance and guidance in managing individual safeguarding cases within your organisation. We will work within an agreed terms of reference to comprehensively review case papers and where appropriate conduct interviews of staff and young people. We will ensure that such investigations meet current national best practice standards. These services are bespoke and we will ensure total confidentiality throughout the investigation process.

We have worked with Schools, Universities, Housing Providers, Charities and the Care and Support Sector in these areas of safeguarding practice.

Safeguarding Associates for Excellence can offer an ongoing telephone consultancy advice service.

As a company we pride ourselves in having experienced associates from a range of safeguarding backgrounds all of whom can offer advice and support to meet your organisation’s needs. We can provide telephone consultancy with regards to concerns raised about Safeguarding Children or Adults at Risk that can occur in the course of the business undertaken by the client.

We understand that every organisation has its own unique needs and structures and we currently provide support services for safeguarding leads to assist them in the management of day to day decisions and risks. We understand that such a service is not a replacement for the need for the organisation to report cases where there is an immediate risk of harm but this service allows safeguarding staff to regularly discuss cases in a confidential environment with experienced associates. Being a safeguarding lead can be a demanding position and, in some organisations, they can be isolated and working without the necessary structures in place to support them. Those safeguarding leads that have used this service have found it extremely supportive.

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