Are you confident your organisation has the correct Safeguarding policies and procedures in place?

Safeguarding Associates for Excellence are proud to offer a safeguarding consultancy service, which is available for a variety of agencies and organisations.

Our Safeguarding consultancy service is bespoke to your requirements. We offer a wide selection of support, from reviewing your Safeguarding approach, checking and review your legal requirements. We can also write your own Safeguarding policy documents, to the provision of on-going support and questions.

This service can make the Safeguarding minefield far more manageable.

We’re sure you’ve seen the safeguarding documents and how daunting it can be. Let us take care of it for you.


Safeguarding Consultancy & Support

Safeguarding support can also be varied and adapted to your needs. For example, we can provide assistance and guidance in managing individual cases within your organisation.

Understanding the safeguarding responsibilities, various roles, and establishing a good safeguarding practice, is a must for any organisations that work with Children and/or Young People.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and, all organisations that work with or have contact with children and adults at risk must demonstrate compliance with this responsibility. Safeguarding Associates for Excellence will work alongside you to make sure that you have the correct procedures in place.


Safeguarding Experience

Our team at Safeguarding Associates for Excellence have a wealth of experience and knowledge across all areas concerning Safeguarding.

We have previously worked with organisations such as Housing Organisations, Police, School, Colleges & Universities, Local Authorities, Safeguarding Boards, and a range of charities.


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