How do you know what level of Safeguarding Training you need?

Safeguarding Associates for Excellence offer a range of comprehensive training courses. All our Safeguarding training is designed to meet the requirements for any organisation working with children, young people and adults. We have worked hard to ensure that the course content meets the needs of various job roles, levels and positions.

We have outlined the various levels of safeguarding training for you to select the most appropriate for your organisation.

Why are there different levels of Safeguarding Training?

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and, all organisations that work with or have contact with children and adults at risk must demonstrate compliance with this responsibility. There are various levels of responsibility, and therefore various levels of Safeguarding Training.

Safeguarding Awareness / Introduction (Level 1/2)

Safeguarding Awareness / Introduction Courses (Level 1) cover the basics and everyday duties. Including critical details such as how to report a concern and, importantly, who to. Courses also cover up to date Government Legislation in the UK.  As well as red flags and signs of neglect to look out for and how to be able to recognise these. 


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Safeguarding Awareness / Introduction Courses (Level 1/2) are suitable for those working with Children and Young People.

Roles / positions such as receptionists, cleaners, admin, taxi drivers, catering staff, event organisers, office staff, hotel staff, sports coaches, recruitment officers.

Safeguarding Advanced (Level 3)

Level 3 Safeguarding Training offers support for those with a higher level of responsibility than Levels 1 or 2. It may be helpful for you to know the content of the Awareness / Introduction Safeguarding Training. 

Advanced Safeguarding Training will give additional skills and understanding to those already in key roles. Our Level 3 Advanced Safeguarding Courses are available for both Children and Adults. Covering topics such as Gangs, Youth Violence, and Criminal Exploitation. Giving knowledge and insight to contribute to the assessing, planning, intervening and/ or evaluating the Safeguarding needs of a child, young person or adult.

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Safeguarding Advanced (Level 3) courses are suitable for those working with Children, Young People and Adults.

Job roles could include: teachers, teaching assistants, sports coaches, recruitment officers, medical and welfare staff, carers, support workers, health visitors, counsellors.

Safeguarding Complex (Level 4)

Undertaking Level 4 safeguarding training implies that the individual has an extremely active role in any safeguarding situation and requires the knowledge to help shape the safeguarding policies of their workplace. At this level, those responsible will be able to contribute and manage safeguarding plans for individuals.

This level of training is appropriate for those who have direct responsibility for investigating, reporting and recording any safeguarding concerns. Learners at this level not only require the same knowledge as those in levels 1 and 2, but they will also learn to act as an effective advocate for a vulnerable child or adult and be able to confidently contribute to inter-agency assessments.

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Safeguarding Complex (Level 4) courses are suitable for those working with Children, Young People and Adults.

Job roles may include: Social workers, care workers, doctors, GP, nurses and polices officers, nursery managers, school nurses, mental health staff, safeguarding professionals and adult learning practitioners.

Professionals / Management (Level 5)

This level of Safeguarding Training is the highest and designed to provide managers with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities when managing staff who have a responsibility for safeguarding children, young people and adults.

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Professionals / Management (Level 5) courses are suitable for those who manage staff, working with Children, Young People and Adults.

This Safeguarding training is designed for Managers, Professional Advisors, Named Safeguarding Leads, Designated Safeguarding Leads, Designated Officers for Child Protection, Operational Managers who have a responsibility for Safeguarding in their organisation.

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View the Governments Policy – Working together to safeguard children. Statutory guidance on inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

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