SAFE Associate – Amanda Atkinson

Amanda is a highly skilled trainer with over 20 years’ experience and a proven track record of designing and delivering high quality training packages.

Amanda has spent the past 9 years working within the charity, education and fostering sector and has a vast knowledge of delivering training around domestic abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, radicalisation, addiction and safeguarding. This has included developing and working on projects to produce comprehensive school sessions to help children and young people identify risky behaviours and unsafe situations to implement safe practices, build resilience and provide a supportive network.

Alongside working within the Domestic Abuse sector, Amanda works as a freelance trainer producing a range of training materials for professionals working with children and young people. This also includes those working within the fostering sector to help them understand the impact of crime on individuals and families, looking at supporting and providing a safe environment for those involved to prevent them becoming victims of crime.  Using her own experiences along with a passion for these topics, Amanda likes to deliver effective and engaging sessions, allowing for discussions and activities to ensure a clear understanding of the topics covered and ensure participants leave motivated.