SAFE Associate – Emmanuelle (Manu) Davison

Emmanuelle is an HCPC and BPS registered clinical psychologist currently working as a senior clinical psychologist for pre-school children and also as an associate consultant for an adoption consultancy company in Exeter.

Within her role as senior clinical psychologist, Emmanuelle contributes to the multidisciplinary assessment of infants and pre-school age children with a wide range of neuro-developmental disabilities.

Emmanuelle’s understanding and knowledge of abuse and developmental trauma is crucial to the assessment process and also the planning of multi-agency interventions.

Emmanuelle offers Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), a therapy and a particular framework for helping children who are recovering from trauma through the parenting and support they receive.  Emmanuelle provides consultation, training and supervision to other professionals and works closely with other settings and services involved in children’s care. Emmanuelle also carries out formal developmental and cognitive assessments that inform the planning and delivery of specialist interventions.

For the last 14 years, Emmanuelle has worked as a trainer on the ‘Achieving Best Evidence’ Course provided by Devon and Cornwall Police. Her contribution has been to offer training to police officers and social workers about the psychological impact of abuse on children and young people, with a focus on developmental trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Attachment Theory.

Emmanuelle provides clinical supervision to professionals from other agencies who support children with developmental trauma. Liaising with other professionals about safeguarding and children protection is an important part of Emmanuelle’s role.

Courses currently delivered by Manu Davison:

Multi-agency response to Neglect (MARN)

Neglect Across the Life (NALC)