Simon Grant

Simon has, over almost ten years, developed into a subject matter expert in Safeguarding Children and Young People within Policing.  Having spent the last ten years within a busy Home Counties Public Protection Unit (PPU), Simon has spent time supervising both the tactical Child Protection department as well as spending a considerable amount of time within the County’s two Central Referral Units.  This extensive experience has exposed him to cases including Fabricated or Induced Illness (using Covert Video Surveillance) and most recently, international parental child abduction.

In April 2018, Simon supervised staff in a divisional Missing and Child Exploitation Team, managing a busy unit supporting children who are exposed to various forms of exploitation.  Simon retired in October 2019 and continues to promote Safeguarding in all it’s forms.

In 2015, Simon graduated from Greenwich University with a Master’s degree (MA) in Safeguarding Children and Young People and is currently the only serving / retired Police officer in the UK to hold this qualification.  Simon has a passion for training and developing others and, as such, has delivered bespoke training across a myriad of agencies including local health authorities, education, social care and the Police.  He has also acted as a guest speaker at the local Safeguarding Children’s Board annual conference as well as a Regional Social Care conference.

Simon is currently an associate trainer for both the NSPCC and Zoe Lodrick Ltd., he has additionally carried out work for four Universities across the South East of England, including both lecturing and sitting as an external expert during a QA process for a new MA course.