With some progress being made around the world to tackle gender based equality, we still face a crisis with the rising cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence.  One in every three women worldwide will be physically, sexually, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. That’s an estimated 736 million women and girls aged 15 plus.


Domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, forced marriage are all considered forms of GBV when they target women or girls. Female genital mutilation and so-called “honour” crimes are also commonly defined as gendered violence. More subtle forms of GBV also exist, however, and may not be as clear-cut, including online harassment and violence, as well as emotional, verbal, psychological, and economic abuse.


Public Health Scotland identify 2 main factors of GBV:

1. Social norms supporting violence as a means of conflict resolution.

2.The unequal position of women in relationships and society – violence occurs at higher levels in societies in which men are viewed as superior and possess the economic and decision making power.


Education is key to breaking the cycle of gender-based violence, and engaging men as allies is as critical as working with women. Ensuring organisations through to schools, employers to students are equipped with the knowledge and tools to make an impact. Change fiscal policies, promote gender equality and create structural changes to the relative positions of women and men in society.


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