What is the difference between Level 1 & Level 2 Training

Safeguarding Associates for Excellence offer a range of comprehensive training courses. All our Safeguarding training is designed to meet the requirements for any organisation working with children and young people.

We have worked hard to ensure that the course content meets the needs of various job roles, levels and positions.

Why are there different levels of Safeguarding Training?
Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and, all organisations that work with or have contact with children and adults at risk must demonstrate compliance with this responsibility. There are various levels of responsibility, and therefore various levels of Safeguarding Training.

Safeguarding Level 1

Safeguarding Level 1 covers the basics and everyday duties include how to report a concern and who to. Covering Government Legislation in the UK, Guidance as well as red flags and signs of neglect to look out for and how to be able to recognise these.

Level 1 is suitable for those working with Children and Young People in roles/positions such as receptionists, cleaners, admin, taxi drivers, catering staff, event organisers, office staff, hotel staff.

Safeguarding Level 2

Level 2 Safeguarding Training offers support for those with a greater number of responsibilities than Level 1. You will be required to know the content of Level 1 Safeguarding Training,

The learners who require level 2 safeguarding training will have an increased number of responsibilities, as well as the responsibilities required at level 1. This level of training will provide them with the necessary skills needed to participate in a safeguarding enquiry and report and record their concerns to assist such enquiries.

Learners will also gain insight and understanding into key safeguarding legislation and how it has been shaped through the years. This information will help them to understand how the legislation applies to their role. They will also learn how to effectively communicate with individuals at risk and gain the knowledge to identify potential abuse.

Job roles may include carers, teachers, sports coaches, managers in a care setting, employment advisors, ambulance workers (paramedics require level 3), welfare rights workers, community pharmacists, rehabilitation workers, housing support officers and counsellors.

Many Safeguarding course titles and content refer to levels in terms of use in Healthcare. Here at Safeguarding Associates for Excellence we offer safeguarding courses to a variety of industries and organisations. Therefore we tend to title their courses with an industry recognised level, as well as a term such as Awareness, Advanced etc. We also write the numerical level at which this course would be at based.

Combined Safeguarding Children Awareness (Level 1 and 2)

You can now access our online CPD accredited course, Safeguarding Children Awareness (Level 1 and 2) for just £39 per person. This course combines Levels 1 and 2, there is no need to sit a separate course, at an additional course to achieve Level 2.

  • Combined Level 1 & 2 Safeguarding Children Awareness
  • Delivered by trainers that have vast operational experience
  • Learn about the importance of putting Safeguarding first
  • Be confident on how to report concerns
  • Identify the Categories of Abuse and the indicators of child abuse
  • CPD Accrediated

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Online Safeguarding Training Course – Available to take Now! £39 per person.

Safeguarding Children Awareness (Level 1 & 2) Online Training Course

This CPD Accredited E-Learning programme is a Safeguarding Children Awareness Course (formerly referred to as Levels 1/2). This is an online Safeguarding course delivered by Safeguarding Associates for Excellence, using the Teachable platform.